Find Adventure Near Nashua Homes in Mine Falls Park Located in the heart of the city, Mine Falls Park is near and dear to all who call Nashua home. This park spans 325 acres and includes forest, wetlands, open fields, and many miles of trails. Find the beautiful Nashua River to the north and the Millpond canal system to the south. Go for a leisurely walk to take in nature’s beauty, run to get some intense exercise, bike, or even enjoy cross country skiing in the winter. Six well marked trails ranging in distance from 0.38 miles to 2.94 miles area available. Spend an hour exploring the park or turn it into a whole day’s adventure. Bring along your canine companion to let them stretch their legs and explore. Watch for wildlife, turtles are especially fun to spot. Discover a new park with every changing season. Fall is an especially beautiful time to come see the trees changing colors. There are many outlooks and bridges to stand upon and gaze out at the scenery.

Many families also find themselves spending time here making use of the Soifert Playing Fields. Cheer on those playing soccer, baseball, or other sports on the fields. Parking is available at the ballfields behind Hannafords, near Nashua High School South, and at several other locations around the perimeter of the park. Park hours are 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day. Be sure to stop to check out the Gatehouse and Hydro Dam located in the southwest corner of the park. The Gatehouse, built in 1886 still brings the river to Millpond. A boat launch is also located near the same area. Take your boat out for a relaxing float or try your hand at catching some fish. It is rare to find such a beautiful and extensive park right in the middle of a city and so close to any Nashua home. Take advantage of it and get out for some fresh air. Find more details and plan a visit to this park, as well as links to other parks in the area, visit the park website.